Keys to Success

Here at Toddy Blends, we want your business to grow and be successful with the addition of our wine-based liquors.

We have included some tips below to help get your convenience store, bar or restaurant off to a great start with Toddy Blends’ specialty products.

  • Toddy Blends is happy to supply you with promotional materials such as table tents, posters and recipe guides at no additional charge.
  • Use the table tents and wall posters to advertise that you are now serving mixed and/or frozen cocktails.
  • Put an insert in your menus. This will help inform your customers of your newly available cocktails.
  • Offer daily drink specials to help customers taste the variety of your new drinks.
  • Never serve a weak cocktail! (Ever!). Customers expect the same potency as they would get in a full liquor establishment. Remember, our products contain 17% alcohol by volume, and by adding just 2.3 ounces to a cocktail, you’re sure to attain equal potency as a full liquor drink!.
  • As your business grows, (and we know it will) consider investing in a frozen drink machine. Research shows that the restaurant patrons consume 5 times more FROZEN beverages than mixed. Also think of all the free advertisement you will get by displaying that new machine where everyone can see.
  • Lastly, we would like to recommend you offer your mixed or frozen cocktails for at least $1.00 more than you would normally charge for a beer. This will DOUBLE your PROFITS over beer sales!

We want you to be SUCCESSFUL and to help make us successful!